About Us

Theater Echo Co., Ltd. is one of Japan’s foremost stage and voice talent management organizations. Since 1954, Theater Echo has made significant contributions to the development of stagecraft in postwar Japan. Our productions of original dramas and localized versions of foreign stage plays have won numerous prizes, including the Japan Magazine Publishers Association’s Golden Arrow Prize, and the Stage Festival Grand Prize, awarded by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs. Wherever you find voice talent, you’ll find talent from Theater Echo ― in radio, television, home entertainment and theatrical voiceover work, for Japanese anime and foreign feature film and series television.

Studio Echo, Inc. was established in October 1988 as an affiliated company of Theater Echo. Our business centers on Japanese versioning, including dubbing, subtitling and translation, as well as standalone recording and mixing services. In addition to providing comprehensive, one-stop versioning, we frequently serve as the technical platform for other localization companies. Our Tokyo headquarters building includes a fully equipped theater, and complete rehearsal and training facilities for stage and voice talent.

Company Name: Studio Echo, Inc.

Address: Echo Bldg., 3-18-3, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0011
TEL: (81-3) 5466-3322 FAX: (81-3) 5466-3314

Incorporated: 31 October, 1988

Capital: 10 million yen

President: Naokazu Tadera

Corporate Outline:

  • Japanese-language dubbing
    for motion pictures, home video, DVD, in-flight entertainment, and television
  • Japanese-language subtitle production for home video, DVD, television
  • Translation services
  • Planning and producing TV/radio/promotion video programs
  • Operation and management of recording studios, editing room, rehearsal room and theater

Principal Facilities:

  • STUDIO 1: Our principal ADR studio, with capacity for up to 20 talent. Vocal and chorus Leading US animation producers have also conducted vocal and chorus recordings in Studio
  • STUDIO 2: Our smaller Studio 2 is well-suited for narration projects.
  • STUDIO 3: Our recently-completed 7.1 surround mixing stage.

Principal Clients: NHK, NTV, TBS, TOHO, TOEI, SHOCHIKU,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.
The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd., Pony Canyon,
Paramount Home Entertainment (Japan) Limited,
Universal Studios Television Distribution,
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan K.K.,
Discovery Channel-Asia, Animal Planet
Oriental Land Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Disneyland)